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Louisiana Academy is a nonprofit community service organization, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, created to provide structured, quality educational and social programs for youth, boys and girls, to allow them to recognize their unlimited potential.


Through our community endeavor with the Louisiana Youth Sports Network (LYSN), Louisiana Academy identified major areas of concern in the overall education of the area youth participating in the LYSN’s athletic programs, provided by the traditional rolex replica uk institutions.  Those areas were not limited to just academic skills, but included social skills, which in some cases created the academic shortcomings.  Through strategically targeted educational & social programs, Louisiana Academy will address the common urban communities’ academic pitfalls, Mathematics & Reading, and social pitfalls, Conflict Resolution & Self Worth, that plagues our youth today.


Although Louisiana Academy’s primary target is the youth/young adults, Louisiana Academy understands that the journey to truly succeed will require the education of the targets’ environment.  To use the title of one of our programs, Louisiana Academy is determined to replica watches sale enlighten our communities on “starting today at reaching tomorrow”.  No lasting monument has ever been built without a strong foundation.  Louisiana Academy is designed to build that strong foundation in our youth.


In no educational arena is knowledge provided with the notion that the recipient should remain on the basic or introductory level, but with the dream to rolex replica equip them with the ability to reach the highest level and beyond.  With this same basic principle we aim to reach this lofty goal through our volunteers & programs.  Teach to elevate to the highest level possible.


Our basic philosophy is to teach the fundamentals with the goal to build a solid foundation with the ultimate expectation to establish the ability to further the understanding that will far exceed the basics.


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